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Need some fresh ideas for your art and visual language programme?
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Visual Awakening includes NZ sign language
Learn to use and recognise body language, expression and visual cues and the roles the play in visual language and communication.
Using visual language to manage the classroom more effecively and quietly.
Visual communication is more prevailent in our society today than ever before, with 93% of communication being non-verbal.
Learn how visual communication is changing the structure of the English language.
Get ideas on fun & interesting ways to teach New Zealand Sign Language in your classroom
Tutor: Maz Thomas
Maz is a New Zealand trained teacher and has been presenting educational workshops to teachers and students in schools around New Zealand since 1997. She offers a unique experience which gives teaching staff an opportunity  to 'participate' in visual language, and not just learn 'about' it.
If you're wanting to add a 'Wow' factor to your visual arts and language programme, don't miss the professional development workshops run by Maz
Learn more about Maz
Achievable Art includes cartooning in the classroom
Book Online
Everyone is an artist. Some people just don't realise it yet.
You need to discover your own 'artist within' before you can help guide others to discover their artistic ability.
Learn how to make art an enjoyable and successful experience for all students through freedom drawing, abstract awareness, and creativity.
Find out how using cartoons in the classroom can create a stimulating, visual learning environment for students, and learn how to draw your own cartoons.