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Drive Safe in NZ
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Road safety in New Zealand is the responsibility of all road users

Help reduce youth and tourist related accidents and road rage with driver education

With the increase of visitors and immigrants to New Zealand, there is moretraffic and more hazards for all those travelling on our roads

EZLearn Drive Safe software could make the difference.
NZ road code education software has been specifically designed in visual format using simple English and animations.
Moving animations and easy English makes the NZ road code rules easily understood, as viewers are able to 'see' the rules in action.

Ideal for:
Safety conscious drivers
Young drivers
learner drivers
International drivers
New immigrants
Deaf and visual learners
ESOL students

EZlearn Drive Safe in NZ
RRP* $29.95 each.
* Retail sales and private use only
Software licences available for multiple viewing, educational and commercial use.
Wholesale orders welcome - prices on request
Drive Safe in NZ:
Car park indicate
Down hill give way
railway crossing
maintain lane
night lights
merging lanes
roundabout: thru


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