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Vizualeyes cartoon workshop at Discovery School
Whitby Newsbrief, March 2007
For a fun activity to start the school year, students from the discovery syndicate at Discover School attended a cartoon workshop presented by Maz Thomas from Vizualeyes. For the art unit this term they are studying cartoons and animation to help improve their drawing skills. Year 6 student Josh, who attended the workshop said, "It was cool and a lot of fun. I really like drawing cartoons".
Maz Thomas is a visual mime artist and qualified teacher. She presented the visual cartoon worksho using whiteboard and markers, overhead projector images and a Powerpoint presentaton. Maz has been teaching workshops since 1997 and specialises in cartooning and animation.
Maz aims to raise visual awareness and says 93% of communication is non verbal. She loves getting children involved and participating, to help boost confidence in their drawing ability. She also has professional development workshops for staff.
Clowning about leads to cartoons
The News. Lakes District and central Otago. Thursday March 22, 2007
Eyes on the Clown: Cromwell primary school pupils are captivated by Maz.
Drawing cartoons couldn't be more fun when you've got "Maz the Cartoon Clown" to teach you.
Maz Thomas visited Cromwell Primary School on her final day in Central Otago last Thursday, having already visited Clyde Primary School. St Gerards, Alexandra, Omakau, and Polburn Primary schools also attended the show.
Travelling throughout the South Island schools for the past 6 weeks in her house bus with "Black Dog" or "BD" her trusty four-legged companion, could not have been more enjoyable, Maz said.
"It's good fun and the kids all love it" said Maz. "My job is really easy".
During the show Maz does not talk, but comunicates by mime, overhead projector, and drawing on a whiteboard.Reap organised her tour of the South Island. Maz taught the children how faces could be drawn in any shape or style, and tild children they could improve by doing more drawing.