Maz is a
             Vizual mime artist
         and a NZ trained teacher,
    who uses her skills in mime, art and
   education to bring the arts curriculum
      to life, for teachers and students
                 throughout NZ 

              She uses a range
            of skills - cartooning,
    mime, drama, and entertainment
        to present creatively unique
        education programmes which
           enhance visual art and
                language learning
Cartoon Workshops
Mazart Gallery

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Qualifications: Bachelor of Education,
                           Diploma of teaching
                           Advanced  Diploma of Art and Creativity
Hi Everyone.
Vizualeyes workshops have been running in schools all over New Zealand and thousands of teachers and students have learnt the secrets to cartoon drawing and visual communication.
The thing that makes the Vizualeyes language workshops so uniquely is that they are entirely visual, and cover so many different skills.
Professional development is a key to learning and sharing new skills and as an educator I'm committed to my own learning and development as well as the learning development of teachers and students.
A Pixar Artists Masterclass was the latest professional development adventure. Held in Auckland in 2013. It was a great opportunity to gather new skills, learn more techniques and  network with other like minds.. The storyboarding and animation components were well suited to compliment the philosophy and teaching styles of the Vizualeyes workshops.
I 1997 I attended cartoon workshops in Japan while living there for 1yr. Japan is the home of manga style cartooning. When I returned in August of 1997 I started running cartoon workshops in schools for teachers and primary age students.
From 2005-2012 studied an advanced diploma in art and creativity, part time at The Learning Connexion (a private art school in Wellington) while also travelling around NZ as a caricature artist/cartoonist.
From 1993- 1996 & 1998 I studied full time at Waikato University for a diploma of teaching and degree in Education.
Marking 'visual' assignments for Massey University summer school paper 'Creative Process' for 4yrs running was a real priviledge and very enlightening learning about how creativity is developed and nurtured.
My parents had a sewing and craft supplies shop when I was growing up and we were encouraged to be creative. Mum ran various craft & sewing classes through the local high school community classes, and I found myself teaching my first class in soft toy making when I was just 18yrs old.
Art and education has always had a major involvement in my life and I'm dedicated to sharing the skills I've gathered, with teachers and students around NZ.
Mazart Gallery
This is what Gwen Garwith (Author of 'Power Learning' ) says about the Visualeyes workshops:
I attended a workshop run by Maz for teachers in Whangarei. Her vitality and talent are extraodinary. Her workshop was great fun, but also deeply thought provoking. Maz asks:

" Have you ever thought about how much information we recieve through the eyes?"
Visual language is becoming a vital part of everyday communication. Body language, facial expression, colour, symbols, hand signs, advertising, art, mime, and internet are just a few examples of visual communication we use in the modern world".

Maz is the arts curriculum brought to life. As a teacher entertainer, and cartoonist, she uses a rich array  of skills- signing, cartooning, miming, and sheer physical exuberance- to involve teachers and students in doing as well as understanding the Arts Curriculum

The workshops are a well-designed opportunity for teachers and children, to learn skills and understandings in visual language, art and internet use. But they go way beyond to explore education as communication. Maz is a woman who has turned what many see as a disability, into an ability so special that any teacher and child who sees the world through her eyes, will be forever enriched.