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NZSL New Zealand Sign Language was made an official language in New Zealand on 6th April 2006
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Send your 'Crazy Cartoonz' to the F.Art Gallery
Crazy Cartoon Competition
Win cool prizes!!!
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How do you dispose of rubbish?
Recycle rubbish to be used again
Kapai = Choice! Awesome!
(Maori)    (English)
Cartoon Clown
Keep food scraps for making compost.
Compost is good for the garden.
Worms help to break it down for the garden
Find out how rainbows happen??
Get your name translated into sign (BSL)
Deaf sign
Create your dream bike
Note: British, Australian and New Zealand use same sign alphabet. America uses a different sign alphabet
Learn about road safety
ASL Alphabet game
American Sign Language
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