Kids love Cartoon Clown!!!
Comments from Educators
Comments from Kids
Absolutely amazing the way the children responded to Maz
I really like the cartoons you drew.
The programme brings a whole new meaning to the term 'visual language'
I really enjoyed your show. I now know how to draw some wicked cartoons.
I don' think many children had any previous idea how sign language works as a system of communication. It was brilliant.
I thought I was a bad drawer, but now I'm really good.
A really great reinforcement that speaking is not the only method of communication, and communication is not limited to speaking.
I love your cartoons! You Rock!
She had 120 kids eating out of her hand.
I learn heaps and I have a lot of pictures now I can draw cartoons.
Maz is the arts curriculum come to life
We all liked your funny pictures! they were so cool!
We loved all of it!
I liked it when you came to our school and showed us how to draw cartoons. Now I draw heaps. I hope you come back.