Media reviews:
'Vizualeyes cartoon workshop at Discovery' - Whitby Newsbrief, Feb 2007
'Clowning around leads to cartoons' - Otago News,, Mar 2007
Kids love Cartoon Clown!!!
from Educators
Absolutely amazing the way the children responded to Maz
The programme brings a whole new meaning to the term 'visual language'
I don' think many children had any previous idea how sign language works as a system of communication. It was brilliant.
A really great reinforcement that speaking is not the only method of communication, and communication is not limited to speaking.
A whole new perspective on deafness as a disability, and how it needn't be.
With spoken language out of the way, you realise that 90% of communication truely is visual. Maz turns her deafness into an opportunity for sharing her enjoyment of visual communication. It's fun, it's effective, and it's also thought provoking and humbling.
By showing students that a disability in one area, can be turned into enhanced abilities in other areas, Maz does a service, not just to the arts curriculum, but to the attitudes of a generation of kids to their own disabilities, and those of others.
from Kids
I really like the cartoons you drew.
Thanks for coming and teaching us about how ears work.
I thought I was a bad drawer, but now I'm really good.
Your song really made me believe in myself.
I learnt how Deaf people speak.
I learnt to keep my ears safe.

I learnt that you're not different just because you're a little harder hearing
I learnt It's alright to be deaf
I learnt that Deaf people like being Deaf, and are proud of their language
Thankyou for telling us about how you can go Deaf, we really appreciate it. Now hopefully we won't.