Builds the confidence of your most timid artists !!!
And motivates them to draw
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1hr Workshops from $5pp
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Harness your pencils!!!
Cartoon Basics
Yr 1-8
Learn basic cartooning techniques, doodles, names and faces. Everyone can be a cartoonist when you learn the basic process
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Cartoon Advanced
Yr 3-8
Take your Cartooning confidence to a higher level!
Learn to create bodies, clothing, and movement.
If students liked Cartoon Basic they'll love cartoon advanced.
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Cartoon & Animation
Advanced cartoon drawing and making pictures move using simple computer animation. Learn animation history from the rotoscope, thru to computer animation.
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Teachers have fun too!
Manga Cartooning
Yr 3-8
Learn the unique japanese styles of Manga anime cartooning and comic book design. create clothing characters and accessories.
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Professional development workshops available for teachers
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My Caricature
Yr 3-8
Students create their own personal name doodle and draw their own caricature doing what they enjoy most
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